Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Mood Booster I Needed

I've been unhappy lately.
I mean, I'm happy...but I'm not.
Does that make any sense?
I'm happy with life and marriage...
But this Winter...the snow...the's really made me depressed.
I've been trying all KINDS of things to brighten my mood a little, and boost those "feel good" endorphins...I work out really hard every day to boost those feel good get that "high"....
And while I'll have a good "mood boost" after an amazing sweat session, it's temporary because I have to go outside eventually. 
And I have to realize it's ridiculously cold and the ground is still covered with snow/ice.

Our family received AMAZING news this week.
It was JUST what I needed to boost my mood and make me smile.
Our house has been on the market since the holidays.
We had several offers.
We had offers fall through.
We spent a ton of money to fix little things on the house.
(It's amazing how much you find out is wrong with your house when you try to sell it.)
We were paying the mortgage on our house in CA AND rent on the house we currently live in.
The house was sucking our bank account dry the past few months.
It was stressful.
But we ended up selling it for more than what we had asked for, and made a 29% profit on it!
I'd say that's some STELLAR news!
This was our family's first home.
It was a small, modest town house in South Orange County that cost a small fortune for
It was the home we brought our daughter home to from the hospital.
 It was the home we made so many memories in attempting DIY projects to save money.
 Those projects that my hubby insisted would only take "a day or two" that would take him a week...
 Or the ones he said would take a week that would take him
 It was OUR home, and the first big decision as a married couple that we made together when we bought it.
It's a little bittersweet to let go of it.
I hope the new young couple that just bought it will enjoy all the headaches that come with it because those headaches of home ownership will turn into lasting memories.

And one last thing that's put a little pep in my step...
Our family is going back to the OC for one glorious week at the end of the month for Spring Break and my 30TH BIRTHDAY!
I'm hoping we get a photo like the one above while we are there with our extra family member that we've acquired since leaving the beautiful and sunny California.
I can't wait to see my best friend, feel sand beneath my feet, eat some amazing Mexican food, and soak up every bit of Vitamin D I can.
My husband may be coming back to New England alone....


  1. I am right there with you -- this winter has been so bipolar, its really killed my mood. Anytime we have a nice day and get to go outside, its ruined the next day when its back in the 20s and 30s and rainy or snowing. I'm ready for fall. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Congrats on selling the house. We are going to CA next month and I can't wait.

  3. Ugh winter!!! It just won't end! Take me to cali with you...paaah-lease! haha. But I am glad that you sold your house, that has to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!

  4. What awesome news!! There is sunshine after the rain afterall (er..or after the snow?) :D
    I'm so glad you sold your house (I got a little emotional reading your post about it...what a wonderful batch of memories for that home you had). And how exciting that you get to escape the cold and come visit southern California!! :D it should be just as sunny here when you come as it has been lately! <3 What a great bday gift!!

    (love that last family photo too! Gorgeous family!!)

  5. Yay for selling the house!

    Yes, when it's cold and dark, it makes me feel blah...

  6. That's great that you have some good news! Selling something and getting more that you were expecting is always such a plus! Girl, enjoy that awesome Mexican food when you come here to Cali, I'm far away from my favorite Mexican restaurant and it is killing me! lol

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