Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Jumble Of Happenings

It's no secret that one of our most favorite duty stations ever was Camp Pendleton, CA.
Besides the amazing weather all year long, great shopping, the beach, the cuisine, the laid back attitude, and so much more, we loved it because of the unit Nick was with and our friends.
When we left Camp Pendleton, Nick was the Battery Gunny for 5th Battalion 11th Marines (Tango Battery), and although the job came with a ton of responsibilities, he was the happiest there.
He had actual Marines that he was in charge of, and he was constantly in the company of Marines.

I don't know about the other branches, but Marines are happiest in the company of one another.

One of the Marines that Nick worked with at 5/11, and that our family became friends with is now on recruiting duty in New Jersey.
He just happened to be at a course in Connecticut, and drove the 2 hours to hang out with us for the weekend.
That's what Marines do...they go out of their way to see a friend if they get a chance.

I LOVED seeing Nick with an old buddy.
He was so in his element, and had such a great time.
This weekend made me realize just how much our family belongs back in the fleet Marine Corps.
This independent duty crap sucks.
The lack of brotherhood....
The lack of friends who understand what you're going through...
The lack of LCpls to make fun of...
Although stories about midshipmen are pretty entertaining at times...
It's just not the same.
Nick really enjoyed his time with his friend.

They bought cigars and drank whiskey...

The last time Ricky and Dannika saw each other was when Dannika was 2.
He must have read her like 6 story books the morning he left.

Yesterday, I drove down to Boston and had lunch with two awesome ladies who are currently in college to become future Marine Officers.
I met them through Nick and the NROTC program that he works with.
I instantly clicked with them, and my "mama bear" attitude wanted to take them in like my
I feel like a "chick" who wants to be a Marine is a special breed of woman, and no matter how different we are, we always have a common ground that most women don't share.
They're both pretty amazing, and I am constantly amazed at the future of our Corps...especially this new generation of women coming in.
(Did I just say "this new generation of women"?! Damn, I feel old)

While waiting to go to lunch, Mattis hung out in the lobby in the "Captain's Chair". 
He prefers to call it the "General's Chair".
After all, he IS the General...

And because Dannika asked me to take a "selfie" with her.

We dropped Nick's car off at a body shop to get a new paint job, and I followed him.
His car is so loud, and so cool...
Notice the pedestrians checking it out...

Dropped his car off, and of course I needed a photo.

And just because father/son pics are my favorite...

It's Wednesday....hump day!!!!
I hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. Love the pic of you two together, you both look happy!

    Just A Girl

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I am so jealous of that car too!

    1. I know!!! It sucks I can't drive it cause the brakes are so stiff!

  3. What is it with preschoolers and selfies? Trenton LOVES taking selfies! I really like Nick's jacket in the last picture. Where is it from? Jarrod is going to need some warm clothes for next winter!

    1. My parents got him that jacket for Christmas! It's from the Armani Exchange. It's very warm!

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