Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Can FINALLY Say...

Remember the big news I was "vaguebooking" about, and that I alluded to in this post?
Our family finally got the official news last night, and I get to finally share it with y'all!!

Are you ready?

Wait...let me give you a clue.

Any ideas?

Ok, I'll stop.

Last Fall, Nick put in a college application to Texas A&M for the Spring 2015 semester, and got his acceptance letter pretty quickly!
Last night, Nick got accepted for a program in the Marine Corps call "MECEP" (short for Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program).
What does this all mean for our family?

We're MOVING to College Station, Texas (MY HOMETOWN!) at the end of the year!
Nick's "duty" and "sole responsibility" in the Marine Corps will be to complete his degree, and obtain a commission as a 2Lt in the Marine Corps.

This meme comes to mind when I think about him being an Aggie.
image from deviantart.com
 He'll be starting as a junior in college at 31 years old.
Come to think of it, juniors in college now were 11 years old when Nick was going into Fallujah as a young Sergeant. 

Anyway, I'm so ridiculously thrilled to be 1) Leaving New England before the Winter starts this year, and 2) To be moving to the greatest state in the world, and be closer to family for a few years!

And to this guy...
You deserve such greatness in your career that I can't even sum it up into words.
I've never seen a husband, father, and Marine who works as tirelessly as you do. 
I've seen you sometimes spread yourself so thin because you don't want to let anyone down in family life and professional life that you barely have time for yourself.
I wish the people you work with, work for, and work under you could see the man you are at home, because I know they're impressed with the caliber of Marine you are at work.
But if they could see that the man you are at work is only HALF the man you are at home, Minds. Would. Be. Blown.
Maybe then, they'd give you a break every once in a while (and quit blowing up your phone and email every night after you "clock out").
*Hint Hint*

So, here's to our future, your future, and retiring your bama jersey for an Aggie Maroon one!

Congrats, baby!



  1. Admit it, you are going to miss the snow,

  2. Hi, this is Suzanne from College Station.
    I hope to see you when you get here.

  3. Ahh congratulations!!! So exciting you get to go back to College Station! I would love to live there again. So awesome!


  4. Awww congrats! Thats really exciting -- not only getting to be close to family, but also getting to have Nick home every day/night without worry of deployment! I know you all are looking forward to it!

  5. Congratulations big time to him, and YAY for getting to move back to your hometown! That will be so much fun! :)

  6. Wow!!! Are you even sleeping at this point? I can just imagine you are watching the clock and counting down until you move! And congrats to your husband, such an accomplishment!

  7. Finally it is revealed! How exciting! The thrill of getting accepted and going back to your hometown - you both must be so happy!

    Just A Girl


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