Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Is Upon Us

You can't fake a genuine smile like this one...

We had absolutely gorgeous weather on Sunday here in New England so my family definitely took advantage of it.
Even with my poor husband's eye being still jacked up, we spent the day just sitting outside and basking in the sun.
It would have been a perfect day for us to go on a walk or a run together with the jogging stroller, but since my husband is out of commission right now, we stuck to just sitting outside.
It's amazing how much happier everyone in my family is when we are out in the sun.
I seriously don't know how people can live here so long and be completely happy all the time!
I want to know their secret, because seriously, our family needs some sunshine, and we NEED to be outdoors.

I spy with my little eye...
A little girl hiding behind the tree....

The "General" also enjoyed basking in the sun.
He took his afternoon nap outside while we just sat back, drank a Bud Light, listened to country music, and talked about life.

Also, being outside was the first time he sat in his bumbo without getting fussy or cranky for an entire hour and a half!
He was so content watching his big sister run around the front yard and being under the sun.

Nick has also taken up a new hobby of making his own ghillie suits.
 One of our really good friends is a scout sniper in the Marine Corps, and gave Nick directions on how to make a proper one.
He's taken the first one he made out to the field last Fall with the midshipmen, and got to actually use it.
I decided to try it on.

I think she'd make a pretty cute scout sniper.


  1. These pictures are awesome!! I love Dannika's head band!

  2. Her smile literally made me giggle a little bit out loud. She is too freaking cute!

    Just A Girl


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