Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth

When we lived in Orange County, I forgot how convenient it was for us to go to Disneyland.
We lived 20 minutes away, and we never went during vacation season.
Every trip we've taken to Disneyland, we've managed to avoid crowds, long lines, and the chaos.
This trip was our first time going there during Spring Break.
It. Was. Awful.
The crowds and lines were insane....INSANE. 
Not only that, but we had TWO kids this time, and a giant double jogging stroller that we had to maneuver around an insanely packed crowds of people.

We only got to ride 2 rides (which we waited a total of 2 hours in line for).
We waited in line another hour to meet Tinkerbell and her fairy friend.
We waited in line another 45 minutes to meet Ariel, Snow White, and Tiana.
Elsa and Ana also had made their appearance at Disneyland too.
So OBVIOUSLY, we stood in line to meet the famous Frozen princesses.
Yeah, we stood in that line for about 10 minutes until someone told us the wait time to meet Ana and Elsa was THREE. FREAKING. HOURS. 
People were actually willing to wait 3 hours to meet the Frozen princesses.
Yeah...we aren't that crazy.
After a stressful day of complete chaos, Dannika exclaimed, "this is the BEST day OF MY LIFE!"
I think hearing those words made the crazy day absolutely worth it. 

Leaving the hotel for our fun filled day at the happiest place on earth!
 Who doesn't love a mother/daughter selfie?

She was so thrilled to be Minnie Mouse for the day.

Waiting in line to buy tickets.
 Everywhere we went, people stared at our stroller.
The thing is like an Abrams tank.
Perfect for ramming into people who get in your way :-)

16 dollar Face painting.
The things we pay for to see our kids happy.

Mattis got to ride on the carousel!
He thought it was so cool!

Checkin' out the scenery.
So serious.

Family photo with Tinkerbell!

They waited in the hot sun for an hour to ride this two minute Dumbo ride.
It was after this ride that Dannika said that it was the best day of her life.

Just a random photo taken at Fashion Island in Newport Beach!


  1. I'm so jealous. We go to Disney World every year, but went to Disneyland for the first time last year when we were in San Diego. We are going to SD again this year, but I don't think we are making the ride up to Disneyland because we are going to Disney World in August.

  2. You seriously have the cutest kids, ever! I can't imagine standing in line for 3 hours to meet ANYONE though -- especially a Disney character. Crazy!

  3. What a pain to have the long waits, but I'm sure that Dannika having the best day of her life makes up for it!

  4. Fun!

    But yes, crowds can be insane. It's why I'm glad to be able to use FastPass when we go to Disney World. And by then Anna and Elsa will have a Fast Pass. People are also waiting 3-4 hours to see them at Disney World. Ack.

  5. The smile on your daughter's face. You can just see how much she loved her day. You must frame that Dumbo pic. You will always remember that moment when she put such a big feeling into words :) So sweet.


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