Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dannika's Scoop Shop

I'm finally (sort of) recovered from a weekend full of screaming 4 year olds at my house!
What was supposed to be a "small" birthday party for Dannika, ended up becoming a big party!
Most of Dannika's friends from preschool and dance class all came over, and after all the exhaustion from planning the party, it was so worth it to see her smiling face.
She had SO MUCH FUN!

When I started planning the details, my ideas just kept getting bigger and bigger, and the next thing you know, I was in full "pinterest mom" mode.
I've always wanted to do an ice cream party theme birthday for Dannika, and so we did just that!
Since Nick misses out on so many birthdays and celebrations, when we do throw a party when he's around, I go BIG.

First, the decor...

A bulk of the decor, I ordered from Unlimited Party Themes off Etsy.

Coloring pages of ice cream cones with crayons and stickers.

Custom water bottle labels (from Unlimited party themes).

These adorable straws were purchased at my favorite store, Target, and a couple of them came from my Unlimited party themes package.

 The party spread (mainly for the parents). I made little tea sandwiches, BBQ weenies, fruit cups (fruit inside ice cream cones), crackers and cheese, and a veggie platter.

I suck, and I can't remember where I bought these adorable spoons.

These cute little scoops for the toppings came with the spoons.

As a parting gift, I ordered these custom sugar cookies from Whimsical Originals off Etsy.

My awesome husband built Dannika her very own ice cream stand.

Nick asked some of his students (midshipmen/future Marine Officers) to come help out at the party.
I wouldn't have survived without their help!
2ndLt Walker was volunteered to do face painting for the kiddos.
He was a big hit.

And of course Miss Emilee from MIT volunteered to get the ultimate "paint job".


They were also a HUGE help with Mattis, cause there is no way I would have been able to control 15 crazy 4 year olds AND a baby.

The absolute coolest part of the party was Emilee's liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstration.
I asked her if she knew any cool party trick or experiments, and she did not disappoint!
That education at M.I.T. is paying off! lol.

We let all the kids add and stir the ingredients in.

Then Lt Walker added the liquid nitrogen to the ice cream mixture while Emilee stirred and checked the progress.

We made cookies and cream with oreos.
It was SO GOOD!
Afterwards, we all headed back inside to eat our homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream, and catered Ben and Jerry's!

Ice cream cake from Ben and Jerry's as well.

And we finished off the party with a piñata!

This is probably one of Dannika's closest friends from preschool.
She's going to be so sad next year because they're going to different Kindergartens!

Dannika preferred the "ax chop" method.

And the most adorable "Sophia the First" ever...

These kids are the sweetest kids ever.
One of the kids did not get much candy from the piñata, so without hesitation, they ALL took candy out of their bags to share with him.
I seriously think adults can learn something from 4 year olds these days.

Catherine taking the final swing...

The "dream team"!
Thank y'all SO MUCH for taking time out of YOUR weekend to make Dannika's party so special!
Y'all are going to do some amazing things in the Marine Corps....leading Marines and killing terrorists :)

Dannika had so much fun, but THIS mama is SO glad it's done and over with!
I'm so glad that we got to throw a party for Dannika with Nick home to take part in it.

I know when she gets older, she probably won't remember the custom water bottle labels, or the decorations that I spent so much time on...
I do want her to remember that even though Daddy's job takes him away a lot, he's always found time for her special days....even if we have to do it 2 months in advance.


  1. Everything looks so great! God job!! And Happy Early Birthday D :)

  2. Wow! That looks great- I want to come to her next party!! hahahaha

  3. The whole time reading this all I could think was ... "but isn't her birthday in the middle of summer?!" LOL Makes sense now reading the end! Haa Definitely looks like a fun party!!

  4. What a fantastic party! I bet the kids had a blast :)

  5. O.M.Freakin'.G. This is SO cute! Happy Belated Birthday to her!


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