Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Harvard Commissioning

Before I go into this post...
Who told Mother Nature to make it feel like a Texas Winter in New England today?!?
It was like 45 degrees, windy, rainy, and I was cold!!!


Today was Commissioning day for the midshipmen that attend Harvard.
There were only two people getting commissioned (as far as Marines go) that I really knew.
It was an outdoor ceremony, and it was cold, rainy, windy, and just unpleasant.
But no bad weather would have stopped us from watching two amazing people become 2ndLts in the Marine Corps.

As the saying goes in the Corps...
"If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'"

Heres a blurry iPhone photo of the 4 Marines being commissioned.
The third Marine from the left has all those medals on his chest because he is a SSgt disguised in an Officers' dress blues coat.
He's a SSgt who has completed MECEP (enlisted to commissioning program) at Harvard, and traded in his enlisted uniform for an Officers' uniform today.
It's the same program that Nick just got accepted for, but Nick will be getting his degree at Texas A&M (whoop!).

But first...
Let me take a selfie.

2ndLt Brown taking her oath of office from Major Giorgis (the MOI)
Just a quick "blurb" on 2ndLt Brown...
When Nick took over as the AMOI in Boston, he kept telling me about this badass female midshipman that he had in the NROTC program.
He had "rave reviews" about her, and he was desperate for me to meet her.
He thought that as a female Marine, I'd be super impressed to meet someone as awesome as me (being totally
As a female Marine myself, it takes a lot for a "girl" to impress me, so I really didn't expect much.
Women in the Marine Corps tend to be "shit hot" or "mediocre"....just from my experience.
After constantly hearing about her accomplishments (both academically and in OCS), her athletic ability, her leadership qualities, and just her personality, I was so excited to see another badass woman choosing to join "MY Marine Corps"
Over the last year (or so), I've gotten to know her better through Nick, and I couldn't say enough great things about her.
She deserves more than anyone to join the ranks of the elite, and I am so proud of her.

Nick giving her first salute.

Yeah...she's vertically challenged...
But don't underestimate the power of her tenacity and her "go getter" attitude.
On the inside, she is a giant, and she can outperform most male Marines I've met on a PFT...and she does 20 pull ups.

 First salute to 2ndLt Evans....aka...former SSgt Evans.
I always have mad respect for "mustang Officers".
A "mustang" is a prior enlisted servic emember that commissions as an Officer.
They tend to be more in touch with the enlisted side of the military, and have experience and knowledge that a 2ndLt with no prior military experience can not contribute.

bro hug

And the new female covers...WAY BETTER LOOKING than the old ones.

CONGRATS to all the new Officers!
So proud of y'all, and I hope that our family runs into you one day in the FLEET!


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