Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Best for Last

I say it every year...

"Man, there are a LOT of couples celebrating anniversaries in May....

But the best is always saved for last...."

Happy 72 month anniversary to my guy!

Some oldies from our first year of marriage...

This year has been probably one of the most challenging years in our marriage.
The military life finally caught up to our worn souls, and it was difficult (to say the least).
I just did the math in my head, and we've been apart for almost 6 months in the last year since we celebrated our wedding anniversary (which he wasn't home for...).
I really feel that this is the year that God really tested us as a couple, and I'm sure it will not be his last.

In hindsight though,  I'm really glad that we had some trials and tribulations together...and faced them head on.
I learned some important lessons about marriage, and here are 3...

1) You can't "do marriage" without God in your life first.
Nick and I are Christians, but in all honesty, we thought "our marriage was perfect", and only broken marriages need God.
We were wrong, and we were humbled pretty quickly this year.

2) Negativity festers, and will eventually bite you in the butt.
I learned it's ok to "hate" where the military places you, and it's ok to voice your opinion.
It's not ok to let that negativity consume your life.
For the past almost 2 years, all I did was complain about how much I hated it here, and I just let misery take over my soul.
That directly impacts everyone around you.
God really humbled me, and opened my eyes to a whole new outlook on New England.
The last few months have been nothing short of amazing (minus the few bad weather days).

3) A cup of coffee at 4AM followed by prayer in the morning is the best way to start to your day.
I started getting up at 4AM (it was not easy) every morning to have coffee with Nick before he went to work.
You would be amazed at how much "small talk adult conversation" in the morning helps you connect with your spouse.
We finished our coffee with prayer together....out loud....holding hands...
Those first 15 minutes of my day set the tone for the rest of my day, and it has ALWAYS been positive.

We weathered the storm, and just like seasons, I'm sure we will have many more storms to face in the future.
But I know that what God has shown us through our "storm" this year has better equipped us to handle the next one.
It's been one Texas sized roller coaster of a ride....this marriage of ours...
Being married to you is one of the hardest things I've ever my life...
But loving you is the easiest thing I've ever my life...
I love you, NMR!
This time next year, we'll be celebrating our anniversary together in TEXAS!!!!!!!


  1. Awh, Happy Anniversary! Love all the pictures.

    Just A Girl

  2. Happy Anniversary! And you are one strong women for waking up at 4am every morning!


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