Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Joys of Parenthood

It never fails.
At least once a day, Dannika informs me that "Mattis is annoying."
The sad part is, most of the time when she mentions it to me, I'm sorta thinking the same thing.
I love the little guy with all my big mama bear heart, but let's face it...
Motherhood isn't all unicorns and rainbows..
ESPECIALLY with my son.
I know when you see photos like this...

You're "oohing" and "ahhing" about how adorable him and his endless rolls of skin are.
But I assure you that he's mostly like this...
And this isn't even that bad.
I usually am more preoccupied with trying to tune out calm him down when he's having his crying/screaming/whining fits.
The last thing on my mind is to whip out my iPhone to snap a pic for Instagram, so sadly, I don't have any real good "ugly cry face" photos of my son.
And y'all know how I am with social media.
If I can document it, it's gonna be up there on my Facebook or Instagram!

He's seriously my high maintenance kid and drama queen.
I think because Dannika was such a "perfect" baby, Mattis has been a bit of a parenting shock to us.
I tell him already, "your sister was never like this, Mattis!"
The comparisons have begun.
I'm sure the teenage years that are fast approaching for Dannika will be a whole different ball game for us, but for now, I'm going to bask in the glory that she was such a good baby.

Last night at dinner, Mattis sat in his Bumbo chair for a good 15 minutes screaming like someone was murdering him while I scarfed my food down and downed a LARGE glass of wine before tending to his needs.
My husband and I have learned to tune him out, and try and enjoy our dinners together at night.
We attempt to have adult conversation amidst the screaming banshee in the background...
Let me not forget the million times that we have to interrupt each other in the middle of conversation to remind our daughter to "quit picking at [her] food and eat ALL OF IT!"

The joys of parenthood, right?

We went to Target yesterday, and looked down at the cart to find this...
 In a period of .0000000001 seconds, he had wriggled out of the seat, one leg still stuck inside the "leg hole", rested his big old head on the side of the cart, and was looking at a pamphlet.
The strangest part is that we have NO idea where he got the pamphlet from...

Seriously, we can't take this kid anywhere.


  1. 1st time commenter, but I can sooooo relate to your post. Our son was such an easy baby. We just assumed that our 2nd would be the same way since we were obviously doing all the same things. Nope!!!! Our daughter couldn't be more opposite. Even in the womb, the nurses would joke that she was going to be a troublemaker. I try not to compare but sometimes it's hard. She is definitely not the easy going, carefree kid like her brother. My husband and I joke that it happened this way because we may not have had #2 if we had been blessed with her first. :) When she's being particularly trying (which is very often), I tell her she is lucky she is cute!!! :)

  2. What a boy!! Savannah was a great baby, and easy 2 year old, even. It was once she hit 3/4 that we had a time with her. London, was a needier baby, and still at 2.5 wants to be carried a lot, but it took him a LOT longer to figure out how to throw a fit. So even though his baby stage was a little more difficult, I'm seeing now that he's an easier toddler ... so maybe that will be the case in your home, too? Although I do hear Savannah say on a regular basis "Man. Having kids is tough. Especially little brothers!"

  3. Aw!

    See my son was the easy baby. My daughter was the crazy one. Still is!

  4. Do you think it is harder because you are home with him? It must be such a different experience with him all day/wrangling two kids than just having Dannika in the evenings after work. But, lifestyle aside, second child are just more trouble. B was so much more active than C was at that age too. Plus, I think it is hard not to will the baby to get older and be more self sufficient. Hang in there!

  5. Thankfully we got the screaming baby out of the way with the first one. I remember handing Trenton over to Jarrod every evening when he got home from work so that I could go outside and have a beer in peace. It's a wonder we decided to have more kids!

    And that pamphlet thing cracks me up! His face in the second picture looks like "what's the big deal,Mom?"!

  6. :( hugs
    I would love to tell you that it gets easier.
    But my cry baby baby has turned into a cry baby preschooler. We butt heads all day long and if I drank, he would drink me into a hole.
    I sure hope M does grow out of it for your sake.

  7. Boys and girls are totally different. I think my boys over prepared me to have a girl. Avalon is a breeze....cake walk...dream boat compared to both my boys as babies. But I was always told boys are harder when they are little, girls are harder when they are older. ha!

  8. I remember seeing that picture on instagram and cracking up! How in the world did he do that haha.

    Just A Girl


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