Thursday, June 12, 2014

Drama At The Pre-K Olympics

Yesterday, my daughter had her preschool's annual Olympic games at Natick High School's football field.
They tie it in with the local Special Olympics games, and let the preschoolers participate in a couple of events.
It's a big event in the community, and there's always a ton of people who come to watch.
All the public schools in Natick come down to the high school football field for the day to spectate and cheer the athletes on too.

For the opening ceremonies, just like any sporting event, they sing the National anthem.
At this particular event, they had the local police department do the color guard, and everyone sang the National anthem together.
As people started singing it in unison, a young couple behind me (probably 18-20 years old) with a newborn baby started snickering.
The snickering turned into straight up laughing, and on top of the laughing, the young boy (I can't call him a man) started making disrespectful remarks about the color guard.
I turned around once, and gave him the look of death, to which he was quiet for a good 2 seconds before he started carrying on again.
His wife was egging him on by laughing at him.
My blood started to slowly boil, and by the time the National Anthem had been sung, I turned around, and I let my emotions get the best of me.
I yelled some not so nice words to this couple about respecting the National Anthem.
I used words I have no used in YEARS....YEARS, PEOPLE!
Looking back in hindsight, I wish I would have handled the situation a little better (and a bit more eloquently), but nothing gets me more heated than people who have no respect for our flag, National Anthem, and just America in general ('Murica!).
 I did feel a little bad when I realized I was surrounded by a TON of kids.
I should have yelled "earmuffs!" before I went off on them.
Thank God that a few of the parents came up to me afterwards to tell me that what I said needed to be said.
It made me feel not so bad about sounding like a sailor in a bar brawl.

Besides that little incident, the rest of the day ended up being awesome.
Dannika had so much fun, and watching her up against her classmates made me realize that we have a little athlete on our hands!!

She came home with a medal!

She was so happy to be on "Team Pink"!

And in true Olympics fashion, I had her bite her medal for a pic.

Today, was her classroom's end of year party.
I absolutely can not believe that she only has one more week of preschool!
She's going to "real school" next year, and it seriously amazes me just how fast these last 5 years have flown by.

Thanks for coming to the end of year party, Nick!
Straight from my Facebook page:
This girl is my rock, and for the past short 5 years of her life, she has made me smile and laugh through deployments, separations, and challenges that come with military life. 
She's endured more goodbyes and welcome homes than the average adult ever will in a lifetime.
Her precious soul is a beaming light.
 I love you, my first born and sweet sweet girl.
 You're a fighter and a lover.


  1. I love this post. So sweet. And props to you mama for ripping them a new one. They most definitely deserved it.

  2. She's so sweet! All of these kids are just growing up too fast.

  3. Good for you mama! I would have turned around and said something too. RESPECT!


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