Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Got A Letter!

I got my first letter from Nick today.
I think when I saw that little white envelope with the eagle, globe, and anchor in the corner, I threw the rest of the mail in the air, and ripped it open like I had a purpose!
I sat down and began reading it, and the tears just started flowing.
There's something about a handwritten letter, and the emotion behind every word that is scribbled on a piece of paper.
Nick's not an emotional guy, but the things he wrote to me in that letter could have been a Shakespearean sonnet...ok maybe not a sonnet...but to me, it was beautiful.
It was beautiful because he poured his heart out into it.
And because Dannika can't read yet, he drew her a picture of his favorite memory with her before he left.
That's them playing soccer together in our side yard.

Yesterday, I bought the kids their "kiddie pools" for making it through week 1.

After this week, we're headed to "Build-A-Bear" to celebrate week 2!

Asking to send prayers and happy thoughts to Nick!



  1. Ohh! I remember my first letter. Brought tears to my eyes too. Your doing great! It's all going to be worth it when it's over!

  2. Ok this may make me sound like a horrible mom, but I probably cherish the boot camp letters more than my kids baby mementos.
    You just can't beat that.
    So glad you got a letter!

    On another note, can we stay with you sometime next spring/summer so we can go house and area hunting?? ;)

  3. Yay!!! A letter! So happy for you! And I love those kiddy pools!

  4. Snail mail is the best mail!!! Chris is not a letter writer, frankly neither am I. During OCS we didn't write any. But during ranger school we did and we both kept every single one. Great memories!

  5. YAY for the first letter!! And how cute is Mattis sitting in that float?!


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