Monday, June 30, 2014

Jogging Stroller Rules

Since Nick is gone so much, I do most of my running with both of my kids in my BOB revolution duallie jogging stroller.
(It is seriously the best jogging stroller ever...if you're looking into a good jogging stroller that will last you forever...I HIGHLY recommend it!)
It's not like I can really just kind of "go for a run" on my own when I feel like it, but finding someone to watch my kids while I go running is a hassle.
It's just easier to throw them in the stroller and take them with me.
Even when Nick is home, one of our favorite hobbies as a couple is to go running together.

Since I ALWAYS push the stroller when he's gone, he usually gets stuck pushing the stroller when we go out as a family.
He's a great sport about he should be!!!! lol.

So today on my run with the jogger, I encountered a few annoyances "obstacles" that I figured I'd address a couple on my Instagram page (@domesticatedcombatboots), and blog a little more in detail.

Just some tips to keep the peace on the sidewalk...

1) I don't care what kind of "vessel" you are on whether it be a skateboard, bicycle, or even a unicycle, a mother with a jogging stroller trumps you on the sidewalk....move out of the way!

2) If there are two people with jogging strollers running towards each other on the sidewalk, the person with the bigger stroller wins. For example, my Double BOB trumps your single jogger. Take your single jogger, pull over, and let me pass.

3) If we both have the same sized stroller, and are coming towards each other, it's survival of the fittest. I promise you, I'm not moving out of the way for you. In fact, I will casually ignore you and pretend I don't see you. In the chance that we run into each other, I'm going to politely tell you, "Oh, sorry! I was so in the zone in beast mode that I didn't see you! my bad!"...then proceed to truck on.

4) If you are behind me, and want to pass me (which is a rarity since I'm probably faster than you even with my 90lbs of stroller I'm pushing), just tap me on the stroller or yell "excuse me" really loud (since I'm normally wearing my headphones). There's nothing cool about being snuck up on and slightly shoved out of the way when you pass me, and having my stroller lose control off the pavement.

5) If you have a dog, I'm not moving out of the way for your pooch. Hold onto their leashes too, please. I don't appreciate some strange dog lunging towards my children while they sit helplessly in the jogging stroller. 

These are just a few rules to live by when it comes to sidewalk territory and mother runners. 
 Basically, a mother with a jogging stroller trumps you on the sidewalk (unless you're handicapped).
Let's keep the peace on the sidewalk.
No one likes an angry mother with children....that's a recipe for a death wish


  1. If I was out running with my single stroller and someone came at me with a double, I wouldn't have pulled over. My workout is just as important as theirs, so I would have plowed my way though :)

  2. I like your tips!

    And the stroller looks awesome.

  3. I don't agree with most of these rules at all. I find someone with a double stroller "plowing through" against some kid on a skateboard who CANNOT go into the grass just rude. When passing, slow down and chill. It's simple. No one trumps anyone else, it's just common courtesy to slow down and SHARE said sidewalk. :)

  4. Bahaha totally saw this on IG. Not a runner, so I have no input. LOL. Run away momma.

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