Monday, July 14, 2014

5 Essentials

I was asked to write a post by Man Crates about 5 essential items I could not live without!
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So onto the list...
This was actually a tough list for me to come up with.
I feel like EVERYTHING in my life serves an important purpose, and narrowing it down to just 5 was a daunting task for me!
But I eventually came up with my most important 5, and here they are!

1. My trusty iPhone.
 I feel like this would be on MOST people's list of essential items they could not live without.
Besides the ability to get on the internet and scroll social media, I have MY LIFE on my iPhone.
My kids' appointments, lunch dates, important reminders, grocery lists, music, books, and even my bible!
Also, because of our lifestyle as a military family, my iPhone is my connection to my husband when he is gone or deployed and my family and friends that are spread across the globe.
I feel like with the way the world it these days, it's nearly impossible to stay connected without a smartphone. 

2. Asics Gel Kayano running shoes.
I've been running in Asics running shoes for roughly 9 years now.
I'm a creature of habit, and when I find something I like, I don't like to change it!
Fitness is a huge part of my life, and I've been in places where there are no fancy gyms or gym equipment around.
But I could always find a place to throw on my running shoes and go for a run!

3. 2 Buck Chuck
Pinot Grigio to be exact.
I'm no "wine connoisseur", but I know what wine tastes good to me and what doesn't.
I love Trader Joe's Charles Shaw wines.
It's my absolute favorite.
There's nothing I enjoy more with a nice meal than a glass of 2 buck chuck.
It's one of the favorite things to drink at the end of the day when the kids are in bed, and I am unwinding.
Don't let the price fool you! It tastes just as good if not better than some of the fancy shmancy wines.
4. Coconut oil
 I have a jar of coconut oil in my bedroom, and a jar in my kitchen pantry.
I use coconut oil on my face and body at night in place of moisturizer.
I use it on Mattis' bum before putting his diaper on.
I put it on Dannika's dry skin.
I mix it with my shampoo sometimes.
I even cook with it!
It's so healthy for you, and has so many uses outside of just the kitchen!

5. Black ink stick
That's a black pen for you non Marine types out there...preferably ball point.
Maybe it's my 10 years I spent in the Marine Corps, but the saying "every good Marine carries a black ink stink on them at all times" has just kinda been engrained in my brain as normal.
As a Marine, I used to carry a black pen in my right breast pocket of my cammies and another one in my cargo pocket,
I always had one for me, and for another "turd" Marine who didn't have his own black pen.
As a civilian, I seriously carry a pack of black pens in my purse/diaper bag, I have 3 in my glove box, one in my center console, and I have them scattered throughout random parts of my home.
There have been numerous times when someone wants to write something down for me, I need to sign something, or I need to jot something down really quick while I'm on the phone.
If you've ever found yourself scrambling through your junk drawer and ravaging your house looking for a pen while on the phone with someone to jot something down, you know how frustrating it is!
I couldn't live without my obsession of black ink sticks!

So there y'all have it!
My 5 essential items I couldn't live without!
What are some things you could absolutely not live without?!

*I was not paid any compensation my Man Crates to write this post, and all opinions stated on this post are all my own*


  1. Haha love the wine! I am doing this too, glad we both put our iPhones on the list :)

    1. Seriously though! Anyone who says that can live without their smartphone is either a senior citizen or a hermit. Our world is so connected through internet and technology that it's virtually impossible to go for THAT long without it.

  2. Love the website! What a cool concept! I just realize I also carry a black pen with me everywhere. It must have worn off on me from being married to a Marine for so long! And thanks for the wine suggestion. I like my local stuff but I'm always up for a substitute.

  3. We have so many pens hanging around -- EVERYWHERE! Like you said, Marine thing! Ha! I dont know ... I guess because I'm not AS BIG of a talker as I am an emailer/texter, I'd probably rather have my laptop than my phone ... but it could easily be a toss-up. Other than that, I can't live without my library card. #nerdgirlproblems

  4. LOVE 2 buck chuck! Now the closest one is an hour away, I definitely need to make a wine run in the near future! ;)


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