Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Pool" Day

Yesterday was a scorcher! 
Ok, Ok...scorcher for New England.
I know all my Texas friends are rolling their eyes at me, but it was 94 degrees at one point today, and for New England, that's pretty hot.
We filled up Dannika's giant blow up kiddie pool (it seriously takes like an hour to fill), and Emilee and I sat "pool side" with our feet in the water while D played.

This is actually Mattis' little kiddie pool, that D thought worked better as a boat.

Dannika had fun spraying Miss Emilee with water.
 Emilee was such a great sport.

I eventually jumped in the "pool" with the kiddos.

Since it's our last evening together with Emilee, we took her out to eat at our favorite burger joint, Smash Burger.
Of course Mattis was thrilled cause he got to mooch some sweet potato fries and french fries from us.

We're sad to say goodbye to Miss Emilee when we go to Syracuse because we had so much fun with her this last week and a half!
I know the kids are gonna miss her!


  1. That pool looks like a ton of fun! And I don't blame Mattis, I love Smashburger too! :)

  2. Seriously -- 94 really is hot, especially for new england. Hopefully all this rain will cool the whole east coast down a touch!


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